House Check Program
Residents can take advantage of our house check program by submitting the completed online form. Their address is placed on the house check list and officers make daily visits to make sure the house is secure.
Please Note: Upon completion, this form automatically forwards all information directly to the police department and can only be accessed by department personnel.

Are You O.K.? Program

If you are a resident in the Village of Pemberville and are a senior citizen, disabled, or just feel that you would benefit from daily contact with the Pemberville Police Department, “Are You O.K.?” is for you.

“Are You O.K.?” is a simpile, effective telephone reassurance system that contacts you, the subscriber, each day at the same time. When you answer the phone, the system accepts the call and moves on to the next subscriber. If you don’t answer the phone, the system will automatically call you back a short time later. If you still don’t answer, an alert is issued and the Pemberville Police will follow up.

Why sign up for “Are You O.K.?”
The system is designed to help us stay in touch with our senior citizens who are living alone. Many adult children of seniors already telephone their parents daily to check on their well being. this system would do that for them, but we don’t go on vacation or forget.

What if I go on vacation?
No problem. Just call the police department before you leave and inform us of the dates you will be gone. We will not call again until you return.

What if I have a doctor’s appointment?
That’s OK, just give us a call and we can pull your number from the list for that day.

What if I am already using a health monitoring system such as “Lifeline”?
“Are You O.K.?” is not intended to replace any existing health monitors, but it would not be a problem to use both systems. We do not want ou to stop the service provided by the “Lifeline” system so you may sign up for “Are You O.K.?”.

How much does “Are You O.K.?” cost?
“Are You O.K.?” is a totally free service offered to Pemberville residents. There is no cost at any time to any subscriber.

How do I sign up?
Call the Pemberville Police Department at (419) 287-3250